Geomorphological map of Kvadehuksletta, Brøggerhalvøya (Svalbard, Norway)




Geomorphological mapping, Polar coastal geomorphology, Holocene raised beaches, Permafrost, Cryopegs, Svalbard


We present a detailed geomorphological map of Kvadehuksletta at the scale of 1:8000, a strandflat on the north-western tip of the Br.gger peninsula in western Spitsbergen. The map is based on remote sensing data and shows how marine, fluvial, glacial, lacustrine, and periglacial processes left their traces in the geomorphological record. Integrating multiple sources of remote sensing data, including satellite imagery and digital elevation models, the map provides a detailed overview of landscape geomorphology and evolution. The map shows the dynamic nature of the region's geomorphological processes, revealing a diverse range of landforms such as sequences of marine beach deposits, fluvial channels, different types of patterned ground, and other features common to polar beach environments. The map highlights the relative chronology of the prominent beach deposits and provides insights into their formation. Remnants of subglacial meltwater channels are also present in the area and represented in the map. Our results underscore the complex interplay between different processes in shaping the current polar beach environment and contribute to our understanding of the broader geomorphological and environmental history of the region. Moreover, the investigated area is interesting for Mars analogue studies, as the polygonal patterned ground and investigations of cryopegs can enlighten the analysis of Martian permafrost landscapes, possible subsurface ice reservoirs, and their potential for human settlements.





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Sassenroth, C., Salvatore, M. C., Hauber, E., Bucher, T., & Baroni, C. (2024). Geomorphological map of Kvadehuksletta, Brøggerhalvøya (Svalbard, Norway). Geografia Fisica E Dinamica Quaternaria, 46(1), 135-151.

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