Coastal area: a recorder of environmental changes


  • Giuseppe Mastronuzzi Dipartimento di Geologia e Geofisica, Università degli Studi, Bari, Italy Author
  • Paolo Sansò Dipartimento di Scienza dei Materiali, Università degli Studi, Lecce, Italy Author


Coastal area, Sea level, Coastal evolution, Coastal dynamics


The morphodynamics of coastal area is the results of the interaction between different processes. Sea level represents their equilibrium surface; as consequence, its local or global changes - due to endogenic or esogenic factors - determines the migration of the coastline inland or seaward. This unsteady equilibrium, expressible in term of Sensivity, generate state of Hazard and Vulnerability which knowledge is at the base of the Risk assessment and of the Coastal Zone Use Capability. The working group MACRiVaLiMa, branch of the AIGeo - Italian Association of Physical Geography and Geomorphology, was born with the aim to improve the knowledge of the coastal morphodynamics in response to environmental changes.






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Mastronuzzi, G., & Sansò, P. (2024). Coastal area: a recorder of environmental changes. Geografia Fisica E Dinamica Quaternaria, 29(1), 5-9.

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